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Bob Martin, The Clean Coder

The web is an IO device; The web is a delivery mechanism!

Architecture is about INTENT

Create Order
Data: <Customer-id>, <Shipment-destination>, <payment-information>, <Customer-contact-info>, <Shipment-mchanism>
Primary Course:
1. Order clerk issues "Create Order" command with above data.
2. System validates all data.
3. System creates order and determines order-id.
4. System delivers order-id to clerk.
Exception Course: Validation Error
1. System delivers error message to clerk
User <---> Delivery Mechanism (e.g. HTML)
Delivery Mechanism -> Boundary into Interactor.

What about MVC?

What about the database?

A good architecture allows major decisions to be deferred to when you have more information

A good architecture maximizes the number of decisions NOT made

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